Founded on the balance between craftsmanship and innovation, on the synergy between human hands and cutting-edge technology. The value and distinction of Made in Italy, which transforms cashmere, wools and precious silks into garments of excellence.

Artigianalità e innovazione, l'arte della maglieria SVEVO

Artisanal expertise and innovation

The Art of Knitwear is a unique combination of artisanal expertise and innovation, perfectly integrated into an advanced production cycle whereby the creation of each garment requires at least 22 stages, over half of which are entirely executed by hand.

Inside the Fidenza factory, noble and natural fibers such as cashmere, silk, extra-fine merino wool and the most exclusive cottons come together in SVEVO’s collections of garments and accessories, delivering the highest level of quality and attention to detail.

Le maglie SVEVO sono realizzate solo con filati pregiati 100% naturali

The yarns

The first stage of production consists in optimizing the quality of the yarns, which are processed through a special sliding machine that releases the exact amount of wax required to achieve the desired texture and softness.

The natural thread is meticulously combed and refined to lose its intrinsic tension and reach its utmost delicacy and lightness.

Subsequently, each ball of thread is stocked inside a humidifying container, where the natural fibers rest for approximately two days, acquiring even more suppleness and pliancy.

I telai Bentley SVEVO sono unici al mondo

The looms

Constantly monitored by the hands of the artisans, the looms are the pride of SVEVO. The weaving and finishing of each piece is completed by British Bentley looms unique in the world – Cotton 36 and 42 Gauges – dating back to the ’50s.

Originally used for the production of socks, these authentic manufacturing masterpieces have been adapted to knitwear, thanks to the integration of digital programs and advanced technological systems.

Le maestranze sartoriali SVEVO sono impegnate nella confezione dei modelli

The weaving

The weaving is executed on special looms composed of 8 heads, each with its own comb equipped with 1 needle per mm or – in the case of the 42 gauge loom of the limited editions – composed of 6 heads, with combs equipped with 1 needle per 0,65 mm.

The parts of the garments that will subsequently be woven on electric machinery are manually assembled on each comb. Once the garment is shaped, the hems of the collars are defined through precise cuts done by hand with scissors.

Tessitura dei filati pregiati: su ogni pettine sono montate manualmente le parti della maglia

The assembly

When the various parts are finished, the garment is ready to be assembled. This precise and extremely meticulous work is again executed by hand on corolla-shaped looms equipped with different sized needles according to the given weaving thickness.

This phase also involves the tailoring team, employed to hand sew the garments that require the assembly of multiple elements through hand stitching.

The final product

Finally, the garment goes through special dry or wet finishing procedures, followed by a drying stage inside filtered air rooms under regulated temperatures, and a final ironing process done in three distinct stages.

The product is now ready to be folded and stowed inside the sleek SVEVO packaging, complete with special labels that explain the story and supreme quality behind the garments, and its weight, composition and manufacturing technique..

In the case of limited editions, the label also underlines the exclusive quality of the hand-made products that are considered unique for their high level of excellence, lightness and endurance..