Svevo Parma is a story made of passion, love, tenacity and dedication to the ancient art of knitwear for over 120 years, it is the story of a dream that comes true and that you can touch today.

The origins

The SVEVO brand is inextricably linked to the history of the Somma family, which in the last century transformed its manufacturing talent into a true Art of Knitwear.

The pioneer of this enterprise was Nico Somma, a skilled trader of knitwear who in 1892 arrived in the city of Bari, occupying the central street Via Abate Gimma with his vision full of insight and determination.

The origins of SVEVO resonate in the name of the brand itself, inspired by the famous Norman-Swabian (Normanno Svevo in Italian) Castle of Bari.

The first knitwear factory

In Bari Nico starts his own chain of knitwear stores for men and women, inaugurating the long course of an Italian company that still focuses on the values of quality and authenticity.

In 1955 his son Mario founded the first SVEVO knitwear factory, focusing on the production of high quality knitwear, made by the careful and expert hands of local artisans. Thus, from the center of Puglia, a land rich in resources and resourcefulness, the threads of excellence and unmistakable mastery unfold, destined to weave the future of the company.

The incomparable quality

In 1958 Nico, son of Mario and eldest son of the third Somma generation, combined the production of men's collections with a factory dedicated to women's knitwear.

A newspaper of the time tells of the new supply chain describing the "classic and delicate manual steps, embroidery, weaving on old looms, knitting ... in the precious stitches and in the whimsy of colors".

And again "the sweater, the sweater, the pullover acquire a brilliance, a softness, a hand, a superior body, with incomparable resistance and non-shrink".

The new SVEVO’s season

In the early 90's Nico took on the challenge of an even more ambitious plan, moving just outside Parma to add a new chapter to the manufacturing history of the family.

In Fidenza, in a historic knitting mill dating back to the 1950s and acquired by the Somma, Nico launched the new production unit SVEVO together with his children Mario and Victoria.

Over the past 20 years the company has achieved exceptional results in Italy and abroad, reinforcing its production capacity and lending its expertise to the greatest names in international luxury.

Nico Somma's legacy

Passing away on the 16th of June 2017, Nico Somma introduced the company to exceptional achievements. Under his guidance, the company implemented its production capacity and lent its know-how to the most prestigious international brands in Italy and abroad.

SVEVO's international market growth does not stop.

The fourth generation

The evolution of SVEVO is relentless: the sons of Nico, Mario, and Vittoria, direct the company towards new horizons.

Always on the move between the creation of new garments and international markets, the brand still has a centralized and direct management strategy that sees Mario as chief of the creative area, commercial strategy, and marketing, while Vittoria directs the development of the collections.

It is the fourth generation of the SVEVO family, which preserves and transmits the unmistakable legacy of the brand.

The challenge towards the future

SVEVO's "challenge within the challenge" is to recognize continuity and tradition as the most authentic sign of quality and comfort, always advancing toward the future open to progress and industrialization.

Mario Somma, forward-looking general & creative director of the brand, marketing manager, and sales director, guides SVEVO towards new horizons, exploring revolutionary technologies and materials.

Style is the mission

The extraordinary lightness and softness of the yarns meet the impeccable SVEVO design and -above all - the great mastery in the rendering and intensity of the colors, which over the years has become a real style mission.

Elegant, versatile, casual, and well-thought as a timeless art form.

The art of knitwear

Like a painting, a sculpture, a song: knitwear is a real art that is handed down from generation to generation, a secret kept among a select few who, with skill and intense passion, still manage to weave a made reality thread after thread. of determination and quality.