Very comfortable to wear and easy to match: the men's cardigan is one of the essential pieces in your summer wardrobe! 

Boat trips, sea-view dining, tours to unknown villages and cities: live every moment in an elegant, charming, and comfortable outfit.

The summer cardigan is a piece that adapts to any style: you can wear yours on any occasion to give that extra touch to your look, especially during a night out.

But how to choose a cardigan that suits your needs? Follow our suggestions and it will be much easier.


Summer cardigan: how to choose the right one

Here are 5 main tips on how to choose the perfect cardigan:

  1. You need to feel comfortable: it shouldn't be tight or constrain your body in any way.
  2. Evaluate the quality: a 100% pure cotton cardigan Made in Italy has a guarantee in terms of wearability and longevity.
  3. Look at the width and length of the garment: as you would with a shirt, measure the shoulders to get the proper size of the cardigan. If it covers the belt, but not the trouser pockets, that's the one!
  4. Choose neutral shades or classic colors: blues, camel, and black, which are always easy to wear.
  5. With a hood? Zip or buttons? This depends on the occasion and your taste.
Let's dive in!


Men's cardigan: elegant or with a hood?

The cardigan is a very versatile piece of clothing, but details make all the difference!

  • At the office, or for a formal evening, it's best to choose the elegance of a cardigan with buttons.
  • During leisure time, or for informal activities, we recommend going for a full-zip cardigan, more practical, with a sporty-casual vibe. The SVEVO's bicolor knitted Cardigan with Hood is an excellent choice for those who rather be comfortable, while still looking smart.

We've also mentioned quality, but how important is it when choosing a summer cardigan?


The quality of cardigans made in Italy

Let's talk about differences! How many times have you bought a men's cardigan and after a couple of months it already looked worn out? This happens when you don't pay enough attention to the origin of the garments and the materials chosen.

In this regard, made-in-Italy cardigans are certainly a guarantee - choosing a brand dedicated to the exquisite art of Italian knitwear, such as SVEVO, is even more so!

SVEVO menswear combines craftsmanship and innovation, managing the entire production process: from design ideas, fibers research, and manufacturing. Technological advancement preserves the softness of the material, yet obtains a very resistant piece.


The difference between a cardigan made of natural fibers and one that is not, is there to see and feel.

We invite you to try it on your skin. Discover our spring-summer 2022, the finest made-in-Italy.

June 17, 2022