The polo knit sweater is - without a doubt - a classic of menswear. 

Halfway between a t-shirt and a shirt, it is a staple in any wardrobe, used in all seasons for many different occasions. Just like the man cardigan, the polo is versatile, and perfect for formal or informal contexts. 

Who wears a polo? The classy men. Those who can be effortlessly elegant during their day-to-day life.

Discover the secrets of choosing the perfect polo sweater for every occasion.


Is a polo sweater appropriate for formal occasions?

With its distinctive collar, buttons and breathable fabric, a men's polo knit sweater can be worn for a game on the golf course or tennis, but also at the office or for a business dinner in a fancy restaurant. The secret of an elegant look lies in the combinations!

For more formal occasions, choose one polo sweater in classic shades such as navy blue, black, or white, and match it with neutral-colored trousers - you will make a great impression without sacrificing comfort.

Does the polo shirt go in or out of pants? In general, better outside so that it doesn't ruin the soft line of the garment. In this case, it is essential to choose the correct size: this garment must neither be tight, nor baggy. Models with a slim fit, which follow the torso without wrapping it, just like the men's polo knit sweater SVEVO, are the one for you. 

Complete the look with a classic cut jacket. Remember to keep the tips of the polo collar straight and inside jacket lapels. The casual-chic effect is guaranteed!

Cotton, silk or linen: the polo knit sweater becomes a must-have

The men's polo knit sweater is a must-have. A versatile item of clothing, essential for creating both elegant and sporty summer looks. Let's say that today, anyone has at least one in their closet... but they are certainly not all the same. Design and choice of materials make a Polo worthy of the name!

Polo sweater for men, Svevo, 100% supersoft cotton.jpg

 Here are the best choices for your summer:

  • Supersoft cotton polo sweater

Lightweight, and breathable, with the pole 100% supersoft cotton, you will not have to fear sweat stains. You can comfortably wear it all day, over a pair of jeans or jogging pants.

  • Makò cotton polo sweater

Shiny like silk, resistant, always soft and delicate on the skin, makò cotton is a fine quality fiber, ideal for Jacquard patterns. If you are looking for a lightweight, slim-fit tee, this is your material!

  • Polo sweater in silk and linen

The silk and linen match gives extreme elasticity, softness, and freshness in contact with the skin. Choose the polo sweater with 65% silk and 35% linen, fresh and light, to give a touch of elegance to summer evenings.  

 White polo sweater for men, Svevo, 100% supersoft cotton.jpg

The SVEVO men's polo knit sweater, the excellence of Made in Italy

The polo sweater is one of the cornerstones of the SVEVO collection: a garment designed and produced entirely in Italy, with artisanal care, made in a 24-step process, more than half of which is completed by hand. 

Discover the polo collection SVEVO for men!
July 14, 2022