In a man's wardrobe it is impossible not to find a crew neck t-shirt or a polo shirt, or both according to taste. In choosing the item of clothing, in addition to thinking about the model you would like, another question that often arises is the following: which fabrics to choose? Which are the best? The good quality transpires from the clothes in many respects and among these is the type of fabric used.

Whether it is a men's polo shirt, for example, among the best fabrics to be used in the Spring 2021 we cannot fail to mention the linen and the silk. Given the "ballet" temperatures of the period, the ideal is an outfit with a dry and versatile fit.

Linen is a natural, breathable and resistant fiber; silk, on the other hand, is the softest of the fibers, pleasant to the touch and its elasticity makes it one of the best fabrics resistant and comfortable in contact with the skin.

The combination of linen and silk becomes a must-have to feel both cool on the hottest days and covered on the wettest days. An advantage that, certainly, would not be found in a synthetic fiber. Linen and silk are used to guarantee the quality and resistance of the garments. In particular, if we talk about men's clothing, the polo shirt and the crew neck t-shirt are two timeless icons in the wardrobe of all men.


Men's linen and silk polo shirt: how to combine it

The polo is a super garment versatile, thanks to its features:

  • it can be worn on any occasion, both in the morning and in the evening, opting for a more formal look At the office or more casual for an evening with friends;
  • is suitable for any age and body, without distinction. Depending on your suitability, you can choose a narrower model, feeling it like a second skin, or regular to have a casual and comfortable look;
  • it can be long or short sleeve depending on the needs. The long-sleeved men's polo shirt, for example, can also be worn in the office, perhaps combining it with elegant trousers and a jacket.

The polo shirt is perfectly wearable with a pair of jeans or with soft cotton trousers. Alternatively, during very hot periods, the men's polo shirt can be combined with short shorts such as Bermuda shorts.


Crewneck T-shirt - Must-have of the male wardrobe

Staying on the subject of versatility, we cannot fail to mention the crew neck t-shirt. The must-have par excellence of the men's wardrobe: practical and comfortable, it goes well with everything, from jeans to slightly softer trousers. The crewneck t-shirt is now worn by both men and women, making it a style flywheel.

Whether you want to opt for a more sporty or elegant look, we must not underestimate - as we have seen previously - the importance of choosing the best fabrics, since this allows you to have the safety of a practical, quality and comfortable wardrobe for Spring 2021. The qualities of linen and silk accompany the favorite outfits of men: millenary fabrics able to cool the body even under the scorching sun of summer midday, the most delicate, which avoid rubbing and skin redness.


May 27, 2021