In fashion and luxury,Made in Italy is a concept deeply rooted in Italians that carries with it important values:

attention to aesthetics;
history: every Made in Italy company has a history behind it, a link with the territory and a know-how that is expressed through the product;
sense of uniqueness of the product, highlighting its quality and craftsmanship;
tradition understood as a set of values linked to the family and the territory.

If for Italians the concept of "Made in Italy" is synonymous with beauty and quality, in the same way in foreign markets it is perceived positively. In China and Russia, for example, Made in Italy is synonymous with passion, beauty, culture and above all quality. In particular, when referring to the food and clothing sector.Fashion is an emblematic sector of Made in Italy excellence, which brings the concept of elegance to the world thanks to the values mentioned above.

Jacket: a hint of history on the style icon garment

When we talk about fashion and style,the jacket is undoubtedly one of the items that have made history in clothing, a "must-have" for both men's and women's wardrobes.

From the past, we can cite some examples such as the doublet, the military collar worn under the armour, the tailcoat which, combined with waistcoat and trousers, became the formula for men's clothing, in use until the French Revolution.

Between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th, the blazer was produced, the classic jacket with a lapel collar, welt pockets and a small pocket on the top left. In the Eighties, however, the Armani "deconstructed" jacket, no longer strictly masculine or feminine, created a new concept of wearability and modern tailoring.

Today things have changed. In fact, 21st-century fashion requires unique personalization, without ever abandoning the basic classic canons of elegance and style. The difference in fashion and clothing companies is made by those who decide to stand out by choosing to promote tailor-made creations for every single element of the men's jacket.

The Resort Jacket: a distinctive, unique and elegant garment

Male elegance revolves around two key elements: distinction and uniqueness.

Among the 2021 trends,the Resort Jacket is one of the iconic Svevo garment: a style essential for the male wardrobe. The garment elegantly combines the classic look of the jacket with the contemporary feel of knitwear.

The knitted jacket characterized by clean and sober lines, embellished with hand stitching and stitching that draw a perfect fit and a modern and sophisticated image. The perfect Resort Jacket in any season and its quality guaranteed by 100% Supersoft Cotton. The craftsmanship that transpires from this garment demonstrates the attention and attention to detail that distinguishes a true Made in Italy product.

How to choose the perfect knitted jacket?

A well-chosen men's knitted jacket is the perfect crowning of an outfit, as it enhances the physical appearance of the wearer. Therefore, in making the useful choice, consider some important aspects:

• The shoulders must be wide enough to allow the outer part of the sleeves to descend freely along the body. The knitted jacket must never be too tight;
• the size must be correct, not tight on the chest, easy to button and comfortable when sitting;
• consider thedrop: the relationship between the length of the chest and that of the waist, which must be corrected so that the dress fits perfectly;
lapels: the lapel at the collar of the jacket. a narrow revere is recommended for lean and slender bodies, while a wide revere is recommended for a more robust physique.
• slit: the various types of jackets can have a central slit, two side slits or no slits.The jacket without slits was born in Italy, slim-fit and gives the wearera simple and clean line.

How to combine the Resort Jacket

What to wear under a knitted jacket? In the hot season, you can opt for a short-sleeved crew-neck t-shirt, the ideal garment not to suffer from high temperatures and suitable for any occasion, whether casual or a little more formal. A simple but stylish combination! The Resort Jacket is the garment par excellence of the male wardrobe that ensures the wearer maximum comfort and elegance in every situation.

June 17, 2021