The Wimbledon tournament is the oldest event in the history of tennis.

This is the most anticipated moment of this year, where a glorious return of the strongest players in the world is expected. As we know in 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the tournament was cancelled, but time for the London grass field to host the key event of 2021!

One of the most particular and well-known aspects of Wimbledon is the dress code of the players. Do you know the total white look? One of the most talked-about Wimbledon topics. Let's find out why!

White as a symbol of elegance

The shape of the total white dress code is to be found at the origin of the tournament. For the refined club members of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, seeing the sweat stains that appeared on the players' coloured shirts during the match was not deemed appropriate, given the prestige surrounding the Wimbledon event.

Hence, the choice of using an entirely white outfit to hide the sweat stains has meant that the colour later became an emblem of Wimbledon, together with the green and purple that represent the logo. White is also a symbol of elegance, and as such, the tournament organizers have always been careful to ensure that the total white dress code is respected by the players.

However, with a few minor exceptions! As we know over the years it has happened that someone has broken the rule. Surely an event that did not go unnoticed by the public was in 2013, which will see the game of tennis Roger Federer as the protagonist with a pair of shoes with a completely orange sole. A rather eye-catching colour compared to white!

Despite some minor total violations of the rule, the white dress code for players still stands today. What about the audience instead? Is there a dress code?

Is there a dress code for spectators?

Those lucky enough to be able to participate in the tournament have no particular rule in terms of clothing. However, attending an event as prestigious as Wimbledon has implicit rules. Especially if you attend the Center Court or the Court Number One, men and women should follow a good example of the players and polish themselves for the occasion.

For example, the Panama hat is a well-known accessory worn by women, useful for sheltering from the sun's rays, but with the rule of making sure that the people behind you do not disturb the view of the game!

As for men, on the other hand, elegance must be an essential element of their outfit. When it comes to refinement and style, the choice can only fall on the quality of the yarns Made in Italy. It's not just the players who set the match on fire, but also the audience with the perfect look for the occasion!

It all starts with choosing the freshest yarns made of 100% cotton to fight the London heat. For example, combining a half-sleeved polo shirt with a pair of coordinated trousers or wearing a crew neck t-shirt together with an inline jacket is the right way to bring prestige in the Wimbledon tournament. After all, if white is synonymous with elegance and refinement, even choosing to enhance it with the right item of clothing becomes necessary to complete the scene in beauty.

June 29, 2021